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nikki reed gorgeous
New layout, its so cute I just want to look at it all the time ^_^

And I deleted some icons and did a mini friends list cut of people I don't see around ever or don't talk to much
So if you felt you have been cut wrongly then give me a shout or something

I feel all fresh and light :D

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so... hopefully a less controversial post than yesterday, lol

lovely london ladies....
If you are coming to see tomstu in a play on friday then read on...

Lizzie (visceral_lizzie )and Sonya (eurofabulousare meeting during the day on Friday I believe... so will be in the city.

Ruth (arsenalamy ) gets into london about 3 I think. Kim (cartwheel_queen ) I believe will be at work... so not sure when she will be finished.

Liz (captain_boo ) who none of you know but who is lovely, is working and needs to feed her cat after work I think, so said she would meet us there at 7.

Beccy (raucousbeccy ) and Josey (xpink_piratex ) are meeting at about 1pm I think, so if you want to meet them then ask...

and Vickie (sarcasticcheese ) gets in at somepoint that day and then has to go for dinner with her mum, so will be meeting us in hammersmith after I think

vampirefreak101  from twitter is also coming.  She came to see Bobby play with me and Liz and Laurie (who isn't coming with us and is going saturday :( boo) Her name is Katie

and finally... I am working till 4, but have supervision at 3 so may not actually get out of here till a bit after 4. Then I will get over there as soon as I can (I need to check out tubes) and will then get to hammersmith by 6 I hope.

There is a very nice bar in Hammersmith called B@1 which is part of a chain which is mine and Lizzie's favourite bar :P It sells delicious cocktails and has happy hour till 7 I believe when all cocktails ate on 2 for 1 (but you have to order 2 of the same drink).

It is very close to the theatre, and to the tube, so i propose that we meet there. As I said, I will be there from 6, and I think Lizzie will be there a bit before. I was gonna see if anyone thinks it is a good idea to call and try and reserve a table? I would need to know how many plan on meeting there first though.

here is a link

otherwise the play is at 7.30 i think, and we are all basically sat together... so we need to be there by 7.15 I think. I also think you all have my phone number? Apart from Vickie? So you can all call/text whatever if you are lost or anything.

anyone want to suggest other options? discuss? anything?

and this is public so I can link Katie to it

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 I just cut about 10 people. There are no hard feelings or animosity towards you if I cut you, I just never read your entries and you never comment on mine. So I decided to free up my flist a bit.

If you can't see literatim.livejournal.com/41336.html then you got cut, sorry :(

If you think you still want to be buddies, then send me a message

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I watched Like Minds today and have fallen head over heals for Tom Sturridge. _Twatlight had clued me into him with his lurking, but seeing him acting was wow.

So I tried to see if I could find enough good pics to do a 100 challenge at PC of him, and 3 hours later I have 50 icons LOL. I don't like them all, the colouring of some is ok, and some not so good, but I figured, post them up and see what people think... so

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